Club Honors & Awards

Each year the club recognises the outstanding contributions made by members to enhance and develop Edithvale Life Saving Club. The award categories represent the variety of skill and passion required to ensure our clubs continues to succeed and grow, from nippers achievement and parent assistance to patrol hours and administrative support.

Season 2016/17 Junior honours and awards

Club Sports Champions

Oscar Wheeler

Carmena Witham


Club Champions

Jayden Bell

Isla Wenke


Parent of the Year

Tamlyn Dwyer


Age Manager of the Year

Farley Griffin



Season 2016/17 Senior Club honours and awards - TBA


Best Junior Patrol Member


First Year Patrol Member


Seabreeze Encouragement Award


Seabreeze Club Captains Award


Wal Davies Best Patrol Member


Belt and Reel Patrol Commitment


SEBA Most Active Member


Mel Chapel Appreciation Award


Greg Wilton Outstanding Service


Hugh Ross Best Male


Hugh Ross Best Female


Phil Rice Presidents Cup