Hall hire

Our Hall is now available for hire.  Please carefully read the information below and the Hall Hire agreement which can be accessed here


1) Attached standard City of Kingston Hall Hire Agreement for Edithvale Life Saving Club, please familiarise yourself with this agreement and the Hiree's obligations


2) Hall Hire queries please contact   elscenquiries@outlook.com


3) Please note:  Hall Hire Rental Value will be advised once reason for venue hire is advised


4) Please note:  Refundable bond is required prior to rental and ranges from $500 to $1000 depending on reason for venue hire


5) Particular attention is drawn to item 7 of the Hall Hire Agreement (below), Insurance provisions please familiarise yourself with the insurance requirements, the level/value of insurance required and proof of insurance noting council's interests as owner of the facility




7. Insurance


1. The Hiree must take out and maintain a public liability insurance policy, noting the Council's interest as owner of the Facility, for the amount of $20 Million concerning one single event


2. The Hiree must produce to the Hirer a certificate of currency in respect of the insurance policy required under clause 7.2 at least 21 days before the Occupation Date


3. The Hiree must not do anything which may make any insurance effected by the Hiree, the Hirer or Council invalid or which may increase the insurance premiums.  If the Hiree or the Council's insurance premium increases, the Hiree must pay the increase to the Hirer or the Council (as applicable) upon demand


 Please direct all enquiries to elscenquiries@outlook.com